What Does a Chiropractor Do

What Does A Chiropractor Do? Things You May Not KnowMany people have fixed ideas about what certain health professionals do, based on their previous knowledge. For example, it’s common knowledge that a chiropractor is concerned about the spine and posture.

However, there are many other things that a chiropractor does within the standard of care that he offers. Here’s a list of some of those things offered by your Estero chiropractor, Dr. Green:

1.Detects Scoliosis in Both Children and Adults

It’s common for chiropractors to go into schools and run important scoliosis screenings that can save children a lot of pain in the future. But did you know that scoliosis may also occur later in life, such as from a fractured vertebrae? Your chiropractor can quickly identify this.

2.Treats Other Parts of the Body Besides Your Back

In chiropractic school, chiropractors spend many hours learning to adjust every joint in the body, not just the spine. If you fall and hurt your elbow or shoulder, it’s possible that the joint may be misaligned. An adjustment can reset the bones and joints, and initiate healing while decreasing pain.

3.Offers a Diagnosis of Conditions That Affect Your Muscles, Bones, and Tendons

Trained thoroughly in diagnosis of many conditions that affect your whole body, your Estero chiropractor could be the first to diagnose a physical condition – and also treat it successfully.

4.Can Help You When You Have Had a Work Injury

Workers' compensation cases need health professionals who are qualified to report on your case. Your chiropractor is legally considered one of these health professionals.

5.Can Represent You in Court if You Have a Car Injury Suit

You need credentialed and credible health professionals to support your case in court if your auto injury lawsuit doesn’t settle out of court. Rest assured that your chiropractor will back you 100%.

6.Gives You Advice on How to Improve Your Health

Trained in nutrition, health habits, and exercise, your chiropractor will give you the latest information you need to improve your health.

7.Can Determine Whether or Not Your Desk Suits Your Body at Work       

The science of ergonomics can go a long way into preventing back pain, neck pain, sciatica, and other spinal concerns common among students and office workers. Your chiropractor knows exactly what requirements you need in your desk, chair, and car seat to keep the pressure off your spine.

8.Gives Advice on Pillows, Mattresses, and Sleeping Positions

It may seem like simple advice to talk about pillows, mattresses, and sleeping positions but the fact is that you can make incorrect decisions on these that will harm your body.

9.Creates Exercise Protocols for You to Re-balance Muscles

At least once in your life, you can count on an injury of muscles on one side of the body to create overuse on the other side. How will you rebalance them? Ask your chiropractor.

The fact is that your Estero chiropractor Dr. Green has a wealth of knowledge about the best approaches to natural healing after a work injury, car accident, or sports injury. Tap into his knowledge at your next visit, and contact Chiropractic Care and Rehabilitation today!