Sports Physicals

We provide student sports physicals for $25.


Chiropractic Care and Rehab Center is a proud supporter of Estero High School academics and athletics. 

Chiropractic Care and Rehab Center is a proud supporter of the Estero Mustangs and the Florida Prowlers.


Participating in school sports is fantastic for helping kids stay in shape, make new friends, and develop teamwork skills. That's probably why over 38 million children in the US play at least one sport.

Every sport carries some degree of risk of getting hurt. Injuries can range from minor aches and sprains to more serious conditions like concussion or heat stroke. Some kids discover they have exercise-induced asthma or are allergic to stinging insets found on playing fields or even congenital cardiac conditions.

As a parent, you can reduce your child's risks by being prepared before the season starts. That preparation begins with seeing a doctor for a sports physical to make sure your child is healthy enough to engage in sports.

Lee County School District requires that students receive a sports physical before participating in school sports. Many other club sport teams in Estero, FL, also encourage or require athletes to get a sports physical, including the Estero Mustangs football players and cheerleaders.

Every year, Dr. Green successfully helps dozens of Estero athletes prepare for the sports season with comprehensive sports physicals.  Some parents even transition their children into patients to learn appropriate exercises and athletic training to improve sports performance.

Do I need to schedule an appointment for a sports physical?

We accept walk-in appointments but you can also schedule an appointment at your convenience. Give us a call at (239) 495-1166.

How often does my child need a sports physical?

Lee County School District requires students to have a sports physical every school year. Other private club teams in Estero have similar requirements, but it's best to check with your coach or manager to be sure.

What's included in a sports physical?

During the physical, Dr. Green will evaluate your child's overall health by checking the following:

Height and weight
Pulse rate, pulse oxygen and blood pressure
Reflexes, coordination, strength and musculoskeletal eval
Vision and hearing
Ears, nose, and throat eval
Heart and lungs/cardiac and respiratory eval
Joint flexibility, spinal alignment, posture, and mobility

What does the doctor need to know about my childs medical history?

Dr. Green will ask for a full record of your child's medical history including any illnesses, hospitalizations, or injuries that might limit your child's activity or prevent him or her from playing. You'll be asked to provide information about whether your child has experienced the following conditions:

Shortness of breath, faintness or chest pain with exercise
Dizziness or fainting at rest or with activity
High blood pressure
Vision problems (wearing glass or contacts)
Previous surgeries or injuries
Bone, joint, and spine injuries
Skin problems
Allergies to food, pollen, or stinging insects
Kidney, abdominal or liver problems

You'll also be asked about medication use and family history of heart problems or sudden death before the age of 50.

Will my child pass the sports physical?

By the end of the sports physical, Dr. Green will be able to determine whether your child can safely participate in sports based on overall health, type of sport, position played, and competition level. It's rare for kids to be barred from playing any sport completely. However, Dr. Green may recommend certain modifications when necessary. like special protective equipment, carrying an inhaler for students with asthma, or always having an EpiPen on hand if your child has allergies to stinging insects.

Dr. Green is here to make sure your kid is safe and ready to play.  If you live in Estero, Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs, Lehigh, Immokalee or  San Carlos Park, call Chiropractic Care and Rehab Center to schedule your sports physical today! Our number is (239) 495-1166.