Notice of New Certification for CDL Holders

 I received a notice for New Certification Requirement for CDL Holders in Florida.  What is it?

The Florida DOT is requiring all drivers have an updated or valid DOT Physical and CDL Medical Card to be compliant with federal regulations.  Failure to get a current DOT Physical and Medical Card will result in your CDL being downgraded.

 How long do I have before my CDL is downgraded? 

Per Florida law the disqualification order is entered 20 days from the date the card is mailed. 

If my CDL Medical Certificate is expired, downgraded or I become medically disqualified, how do I get my CDL re-instated? 

You will need to pass a DOT Physical and obtain a new Card.  When you get your new Medical Card, you then pay a replacement fee at the DMV. 

This is a state wide fee of $31.25.

For more information you can contact our office at 239.495.1166.

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