What a Chiropractor Can Do For You in Estero FL

What an Estero, FL chiropractor can do for youIn this day and age, with increased work pressure and an extremely frantic lifestyle, your body is subjected to a considerable amount of physical and emotional stress. This, over time, leads to a number of medical problems with the most common ones being back pain, headache, and neck pain.

The spine is constantly being placed under significant stress throughout the day. The unfortunate truth is that no matter how much caution you take when performing any physical activity, you will likely encounter back pain at some point in time. The consoling part is that you can overcome and prevent back pain from occurring again by treating it effectively. Chiropractic care is probably one of the best and safest ways of curing back pain, along with a number of other musculoskeletal disorders.

Chiropractic Care – Goodbye Pain, Hello Wellness

In simple words, chiropractic is a healthcare approach used to treat and prevent musculoskeletal pain with proper manipulation of the spine. One of the main reasons why chiropractic is preferred by so many Americans is because it focuses on curing the root of the problem through drug-free, non-surgical means.

When you see your Estero chiropractor, you do not have to worry about the potential risks and side effects of surgery and drugs. Research has shown that chiropractic care is extremely safe for patients of all ages, including children, pregnant women, and older adults.

As far as effectiveness is concerned, this treatment doesn’t disappoint either. As a matter of fact, chiropractors do not only alleviate the pain considerably, they take steps to help improve your overall health and wellbeing. Studies show that chiropractic adjustments can have beneficial effects on your immune system, stress levels, and blood pressure. When these benefits are combined with patient education, exercise advice, and nutritional counseling, chiropractors can truly help to boost your overall wellness.

Here are few things that an Estero chiropractor can do for you:

Treat Chronic Back Pain and Neck Pain

The most common reason for visiting a chiropractor is treatment for spinal conditions causing back and neck pain. Chiropractors make adjustments to your spine to ensure proper alignment and alleviation of pain. Estero chiropractor Dr. Green supplements chiropractic adjustments with massage therapy and exercise rehabilitation.

Headache Relief

Chiropractors also alleviate constant headaches by adjusting your cervical spine (neck) and thoracic spine (upper back). Moreover, they reduce stiffness and tissue inflammation with soft tissue therapies and massage therapy. Chiropractors can also help to identify whether any headache triggers are contributing to your symptoms, such as stress, poor posture, or medication overuse.

Injury Treatment and Prevention

Estero chiropractors can diagnose and treat headaches after car accidents, work injuries, or sports injuries. Seeking proper treatment as soon as possible after your injury will expedite recovery and reduce your risk of chronic symptoms.

Body Sprain and Strains

Along with back pain, chiropractors diagnose and treat a number of other medical conditions (body pains) such as joint inflammation, arthritis, hip pain, tendinitis, shoulder misalignment, and more.

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