Your Daily Workout and Chiropractic

Working out feels great. Though it can leave you sore and tired, pushing your body to move more efficiently, and building stamina and strength, not only increases your level of health in the present, it can positively affect your overall health in the future.  However, with any workout regimen, the possibility of over training is always present.  Repeatedly doing exercises incorrectly, working with too much weight, or simply pacing your workout poorly, can lead to back pain, neck pain, strains, and sprains.

While most people turn to a bottle of aspirin or ibuprofen and hot shower when they are sore or achy after a workout, some sports injuries could actually require more care.  Regular visits to your Estero chiropractor can do wonders for your body if you are committed to a daily workout plan.  Dr. Green routinely works with athletes and weekend warriors who are either recovering from sports injuries and/or hoping to prevent sports injuries. As a chiropractor, he can make sure your spine, joints, and muscles are appropriately strengthened and healthy to fit the task. Our Estero massage therapists can also assist you in reducing delayed onset muscle soreness after a difficult workout, and can improve your recovery times between workouts.

Additionally, we offer sports physicals and DOT physicals to ensure your body is in top shape. It is far easier to improve when your body has a solid foundation.  Make our Estero chiropractic care  part of your workout plan.  You’ll be astonished at the positive results.

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