Want to Jump Higher After a Sports Injury? Try Chiropractic

That’s what female athletes who were involved in one study are telling their friends. The athletes were handball players and they had suffered a sports injury in the past that affected their ankle. Twenty-two athletes were divided into two groups – one group that received chiropractic manipulation and another that received a sham treatment. The treatments were given once a week for only three weeks.

If you’re an athlete in most sports, you know firsthand that your ‘bounciness’ and ability to jump high can seriously affect your performance. If you’re a basketball player, jumping an additional inch gets you closer to the net to make an easier slam dunk. The Internet is full of websites that offer solutions, some real and some fake, for increasing vertical jump height.

In this study, the group of athletes that received the chiropractic adjustment jumped almost double that of the group that didn’t receive the chiropractic adjustment. That’s enough reason to call your Estero chiropractor right now, even if you don’t have a sports injury to your ankle. The scientists want to do a larger study with several hundred subjects.

In Estero, Dr. Green of Chiropractic Care and Rehab is quite excited about this new study. His background has included years of working with athletes who are suffering from a sports injury, rehabilitating them so they can continue playing their sport. If you’re in the Estero area, give chiropractor Dr. Green a call to begin your healing.

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