Tennis Talk at Country Creek

utrition Basics: 3-6 portions of protein and up to 13 portions of f/v daily; .66 x your bw in H20 daily!!!

  • Flexibility daily; both pre and post tennis.
  • MM contractions are either isometric (no joint movement) or isotonic: concentric or eccentric.
  • Functional Movements in all 3 planes of movement: Sagittal, Coronal, Transverse Forward/backward, side to side, rotation: skip, hop, jump, bend, karaoke-shuffle, back pedal.
  • Work up a sweat before activity, your body will appreciate it. There is nothing wrong with bracing and stabilizing a weak area.
  • Getting adjusted, massage or other soft tissue work is good for both prevention and injury care. Some strength training should be done once or twice weekly.
  • Stay away from chronic cardio...elliptical, treadmill or distance running more than once or twice weekly, not daily.
  • Wear good shoes when on a hard surface or when active. It's therapeutic to be barefoot when relaxing.
  • A Post activity should include RICE/ice and stretching as well as mental toughness-replay. Always H20.

Most hand eye sports like golf and baseball the athlete seeks to maintain balance while creating strength and fluidity. These movements are sagittal, coronal and transverse. Train that way.

The tennis player needs to create balance multiple times over. The core gives the speed to get to an area and to initiate the whipping of the upper extremity, whether open chain or closed chain. S, C & T.

+warm up- stagnant to semi active to dynamic progressions- functional training: train in all3 planes of movement: S, C & T!!! Your movements, training and strengths-weaknesses should mimic your sport.

cool down, just as important to stretch and unwind; also to review your strengths and weaknesses. Scout yourself because others are! Hydrate.

Potential plan of attack for Tennis Game Day: Remember all 3 planes of movement At home prior to showing up to the courts: Flexilibity
Never toe touch, only hip hinge- Sag plane- hamstrings, with cor plane- the spine& QLs, transverse -ITB and hip This is essentially twisting and laterally bending mimicking movements you'll create in your game: 3 planes!!!

  • Shoulders and wrists
  • Neck
  • Quads- bent knee and straight knee

You can also do supine active isolated stretching with rope of bands while at home; LB, hips and lower extremities .

At home- Stabilization/Core : multiplanar movements- push ups, "supermans", modified 'Sit ups', planks,

Stir the pot if you have a physioball: McGill .com/watch?v=kukmaW9CmSU

Prior to playing: At the court, Flex while standing, bending Hip flexors and quad and Hammies- swing leg forward and backward• Sagittal

Lat hip stabilizers/abductors and adductors- swing leg side to side- coronal, add rotation- transverse .

Ankle and calf pops- spell words, make circles

Neck and shoulder and forearms- all 3 planes.

Prior to Playing: Active, Functional Warm up

Plyometrics- walk around all 3 planes on your toes and heels, bent leg and straight leg.

Hopping, skipping, jumping, shuffles, karaoke, cherry pickers, high knees, butt kickers, run figure 8s, squats, squat jumps .............whatever else you'd like to add- all 3 planes .......JUMPING JACKS are great.

You've already worked up a sweat, now hit balls------------------Play.

Post Activity/Recovery:

Walk backwards- progress to slightly deeper knee bends.

Here is the time to do some simple hammy, quad, torso, shoulder, forearm and neck stretching . Cool down.

HYDRATE. Fuel up- protein- salmon, nuts, eggs; banana-blue-pineapple, OJ or chocolate milk.


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