Shoulder Pain after a Car Accident

The shoulder is a complex structure made up of ligaments, bones, tendons, soft tissues, cartilage, and a major joint. Any one of these components can be injured during a car accident. Estero chiropractor Dr. Green has treated many types of shoulder injuries, and can help to diagnose and treat your shoulder pain.

The most obvious cause of shoulder pain occurs due to direct trauma that took place during the accident. Your shoulder or arm may have struck something directly, causing damage to the joint or surrounding cartilage and bone structures. Alternatively, you could also be suffering from a soft tissue injury. If you were gripping the steering wheel tightly, your body may have lagged behind the car as it propelled forward. This could have stretched or torn the ligaments, muscles, or tendons surrounding the shoulder, similar to a soft tissue damage that occurs as a result of whiplash injury.

Many of our Estero patients suffer from a more challenging, hard-to-diagnose source of shoulder pain after a car accident. Spinal injuries may cause referred pain as a result of nerve impingement due to herniated discs or inflamed tissue. This requires chiropractic adjustments to relieve pressure on the irritated nerve, and exercise rehabilitation to rebuild strength after your injury. Our Esteromassage therapists can also use trigger point therapy and myofascial release to relax muscle tension and target any trigger points (knots) that may have developed.

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