Season appears to be slowing down, time to report on family events....

Hello all, just an bit of an update.  Michelle and I are doing fine.   The babies are doing just fabulous.  Ryder is nearly 6 months old. He is crawling and climbing up on furniture already.  He is quite attentive and still loves to be held.  He's a good eater and really is a good baby. It would be nice if he slept a little more.  I refer to him as "Little Man".

Big Boy Townson is busy being a good older brother.  He loves school at The Lamb and has lots of friends there as well as in our neighborhood.  He is building a fluent vocabulary as well as the occasionally amazing hand-eye coordination.

We are truly blessed.

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mommy's out there!

Best,   Dr. Green
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