Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Estero FL Chiropractic CareDr. Green prides himself on offering his Estero patients as many treatment options as he as a chiropractor can provide, which is why he is happy to make one of those options manipulation under anesthesia.

Manipulation under anesthesia involves either being sedated or receiving an anesthetic injection, followed by manipulation and stretches designed to break up scar tissue and adhesions in and around the spine.

People who generally receive the most benefit from this type of procedure include those who have been under care for up to two months, yet aren’t experiencing any real progress in their physical condition.

The top short-term advantage of manipulation under anesthesia is not having to deal with the pain that can sometimes result when manipulating a sensitive area. However, there are also long-term results as well, some of which include having fewer muscle spasms, decreased sensitivity to the injured area, and less pain overall.

If you are searching for an Estero chiropractor to help you ease your pain, Dr. Green will do what he can to help you achieve that goal and manipulation under anesthesia is just one option available.


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