Core Stabilization Exercises in Rehabilitation

Estero, Bonita Springs FL Chiropractic Care & RehabHere at Chiropractic Care & Rehab Center, we help our Estero and Bonita Springs area chiropractic patients using a variety of different treatment options. For instance, we offer chiropractic manipulation therapy, massage therapy, cold laser therapy, and more. One that we use quite often is core stabilization exercises as these particular movements have proven to be beneficial to the rehabilitation process for a number of reasons.

For starters, performing core stabilization exercises during rehabilitation can help improve your balance, potentially keeping you from falling and causing more damage to the injured area. For instance, in one study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, researchers found that when individuals engaged in core stabilization exercises following a stroke, they experienced a “significant change” in their balance as well as their gait.

Additionally, when your back and stomach muscles become stronger, it is easier for your spine’s discs and vertebrae to get and stay in place. When this happens, your nerve bundles are free and open to carry necessary and important messages from your brain to all of your organs and tissues and back again. This means that all your bodily systems—your cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, skeletal, and reproductive systems—will benefit as well.

Proper posture thanks to strong abdominal and back muscles can also help alleviate current back pain because you will find that you tend to stand, sit, and walk in a healthier fashion. This can possibly prevent future pain as well. The benefits aren’t just physical either as it has also been found that poor spinal posture can affect you mentally, with negative effects ranging from poor memory to low confidence to bad mood. Therefore, developing a strong core and good posture can potentially give you a better mental outcome as well.

One study in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy even found a relationship between core stability and athletic performance. While they weren’t able to establish exactly how one affects the other, if you’re athletic, then core stabilization exercises can possibly help you improve your game!

There are a lot of advantages to engaging in core stabilization exercises, and these are just a few. To find out how these particular rehabilitation exercises can help you, call Chiropractic Care & Rehab Center today!


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