Chiropractor Treats Hi-tech Injuries

Chiropractors are treating an increasing number of patients with tech-related injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, back pain, and more. Office workers and teen cell phone addicts alike are coming down with illnesses as trendy as the devices that inflict them.

Recently, Apple released an iOS 7 fix, addressing user complaints that the mobile operating system was making them ill. It's not the only tech-induced ailment that doctors are treating.

Cybersickness (kinetosis):

To give iPhones and iPads the appearance of three dimensions, objects on the screen move more slowly the deeper they are in the field. The trick has the unfortunate side effect of triggering migraines, nausea, and vertigo in surprising numbers of people.

Laptop thigh (erythema ab igne):

Also called “hot water bottle rash” or "toasted-skin syndrome," it's achieved when casings reach 110 degrees underneath (some can get as hot as 125 degrees), leaving legs pockmarked with discoloring burns, though only a handful of cases have been reported.

Texting thumb (tendinitis)

Tendinitis can occur in any tendon and is usually the result of injury or overuse. Tendinitis in overworked thumbs (other names: "BlackBerry thumb," "Nintendoitis," "injurwii") is on the rise, doctors say.

iPosture (cervicalgia)/ Text Neck

According to New York magazine, 84 percent of 18-to-24-year-olds reported neck and back pain in the past year. During that time, more than 8 trillion texts were sent, giving the global condition its techy name, first introduced by a British health-care provider. Although the causes of neck pain are numerous — from physical and emotional stresses to whiplash and other auto injuries — prolonged postures can also account for it. (Here some tips for avoiding text neck).

Most of these conditions are easily rectified by professional help from Estero chiropractor Dr. Green. Through chiropractic care, exercise, and massage therapy, Dr. Green has help thousands of patients in Estero, FL recover from back pain, neck pain, tendinitis, and work injuries. He'll also work with you to improve your computer ergonomics and posture so you can prevent these injuries from recurring.

Photo by Joi Ito via Creative Commons

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