Chiropractic Care for Sports Hernias

Sports injuries and groin hernias are extremely common in soccer players. Due to chronic groin pain and sports hernias many players are forced to seek early retirement from professional sports. The pathogenesis of sports hernia is repetitive trauma to the muscular microfibers due to mechanics of the soccer game. In addition, pattern of kicking and running may also lead to muscular imbalances that further increases the risk of sports injury.

The origin of pain is mainly musculoskeletal that may impose major therapeutic challenges and affects the athletic endurance and performance. Surgical options are widely available to ease pain and discomfort but reserved only for situations in which conservative options have failed. Typically sports hernias do not respond well to conservative care.

However, a latest case report suggests otherwise. According to the case study, 3 soccer players with a chronic history of groin pain were treated successfully with conservative care in a period of just 8 weeks.

In order to devise a successful strategy for the management of sport injuries, conservative care should be multidirectional (involving healing modalities, plyometric training and manual therapies). The approach is aimed at decreasing the muscular imbalance and to enhance the function of pelvic muscles.

Details of the Study:

All the three patients of chronic groin pain were not able to kick, sprint the ball and were not able to perform other exercises of soccer before the treatment.

As part of the study, the 3 players were provided multimodal treatments that consisted of:

  • Manual therapy (once or twice a week for 6 to 8 weeks). Manual therapy included soft tissue therapy to the affected muscles and fascial planes. It was combined with microcurrent treatment, stretching exercises or acupuncture.
  • Plyometric training
  • Rehabilitation therapy.

The aim of using multi-dimensional approach was to provide better coordination, enhance strength and correct pelvic muscle imbalance. These sessions were performed thrice a week for 8 weeks.

All the three athletes were able to resume their game within 4 days of last therapy session. They reported no recurrence of pain symptoms after treatment. The author concluded that conservative care protocol can deliver successful outcome with an overall positive impact on the health and fitness of soccer players with symptomatic sports hernia.

Furthermore researches should carry out to identify the success rate of this research. Estero chiropractor, Dr. Green offer chiropractic care not only to heal sports injuries but also to prevent sports mediated damage to soft tissues and bony architecture. Dr. Green provides nutritional counseling, sports physicals, and chiropractic tips to improve the athletic performance and sports endurance.

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