Got Back Pain After Auto Injury?

After an auto injury, you may develop back pain immediately. Many people don’t develop back pain for a few days or even a week after the accident. When this happens, you may believe there’s no point of going in to see your Estero chiropractor.

The fact is that injuries may have occurred whether you had back pain immediately after the car accident or later. Why? Part of the answer is tied in with the stress response. Your body interprets a car accident as a big stressor. During stress, endorphins – the body’s natural pain killers – are released. The greater the stress is that results, the more endorphins that are released. You may be ‘high’ on endorphins immediately after the car accident and not feel any pain of any kind.

Back pain from an auto injury, whether it occurs at the time of the car accident or not, results from injuries to delicate tissues inside your body. Some of these tissues include the vertebrae, nerves, blood vessels, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Dr. Green, your chiropractor in Estero, is well trained in the diagnosis of back pain resulting from an auto injury.

The endorphin ‘high’ after a car accident only lasts so long. The pain will eventually hit you, and may hit hard. That’s the time you want to be in Estero at chiropractor Dr. Green’s office. Using non-invasive, drugless, effective pain relief methods, you could heal from an auto injury in less time than the time it takes to heal for those who opt for other methods of healing.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your auto injury today in Estero office.

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