Back Braces are actually quite good for a sore back, despite what 'they' say

The use of lumbar supports pre-dates some of medicine's most recent treatments, ie pain patches, pain injections and spinal cord stimulators.
Quite recently it has been reported back to me by patients that their doctor or therapist recommended they not be fitted for a back support as they are 'not good' for back pain and actually do more harm over time. This is quite contrary to the peer reviewed data.
In a recent paper by Wolff,MD, Wienik, DO and Maitin,MD they found that spinal orthses should be used as adjunctive treatment for various conditions that cause LBP including fracture, arthritis, DDD, scoliosis, neuromuscular disease, cord injury, and myofascial and ligaementous injuries.

CCRC prescribes L0627 and L0631 back supports when clinically appropriate.
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