Avoiding Common Work Injuries in Estero

It’s a sad truth of the American workplace that on-the-job accidents and injuries – as well as the worker’s compensation issues they ignite – are far too common. If you’ve recently been injured on the job and are struggling with back or neck pain, you should see a chiropractor immediately to make sure that the damage is not severe. Minor back or neck pains can be easy to handle for a little while, but such minor work injuries have a way of escalating into much more chronic pains if left untreated. From spinal misalignments to pinched nerves, your Estero chiropractor can help with your work-related back injuries.

Of course, the best way to avoid years of chronic back pain due to a work injury is to ensure that said work injury never takes place. Here are two common examples of on-the- job injuries, as well as steps you can take to avoid them.

  • Overexertion: If you’ve been suffering from back pain thanks to your job, it’s probably due to overexertion. Be conscious of how much weight you are lifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying at work, and try to learn your limits so that you don’t hurt yourself.
  • Sitting Too Much: Sitting places much more pressure on your spine, and can even be categorized as a repetitive motion injury if you have a desk job. Remember to get up out of your seat every 30 minutes to go to the bathroom, get a drink of water, or go to a coworkers desk to chat instead of just sending an email. Using a stand-up desk can also help.
  • Slipping or Tripping: Falls or near-falls are another common cause of injuries at work. Be careful where you are walking, and try to avoid areas with many obstacles or with slippery floors. In addition, be conscious that even if you don’t fall all the way to the ground, you can still injure yourself by reacting to a slip, trying to catch yourself, and hurting your back in the process.

If you have been injured on the job and have been left with back pain as a result, call Chiropractic Care & Rehab, an Estero chiropractor, for treatment and relief of work injury.

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