3 Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome can affect us all – whether it's caused by a traumatic work injury or by a repetitive strain injury, sports, or simple prolonged computer use. Stretching and exercising are the keys for recovering the strength in your hands and easing the pain. Here are three simple exercises that will help you on the road to recovery.

  1. Lift your arm up from your side, until it is parallel with the floor and the palm is facing upward. Tilt your fingers towards the floor, stretching the skin on your palms. As you hold this position, gently drop your head towards your opposite shoulder. Hold that position for thirty seconds, and then relax. This exercise stretches out the median nerve, strengthening it and reducing pain in the carpal tunnel area.
  2. Due to the length and area that the median nerve runs through, neck stiffness and tension can actually cause carpal tunnel syndrome. One of the easiest exercises to relieve the neck-based tension on the median nerve involves throwing a piece of cloth or a towel over you shoulder. Put the towel on the shoulder of the side you suffer from carpal tunnel on. Grab this towel with both hands – one end in the front, and the other in the back. Gently pull on both sides of the towel while leaning your head over on to the opposite shoulder.
  3. The last exercise we'll mention here is the easiest by far. Reach your arms out in front of you, facing your palms inward towards each other. Hold this position for 15-30 seconds. Tuck your thumb into your palm, and slowly curl your fingers inwards around your thumb so that you are, in essence, holding your thumb in place. Tilt the front of your hands down towards the ground, so that you are stretching out the tendons in your arms. Hold that stretch for thirty seconds.

Estero chiropractor Dr. Green routinely works with athletes and office workers fighting carpal tunnel syndrome. He can show you how to use exercise therapies, chiropractic care, and nutrition to prevent wrist pain. Additionally our Estero massage therapists can use trigger point therapy to reduce inflammation and speed recovery after a wrist injury.

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