Treating Your Herniated Disc Through Chiropractic Care

The range of reasons for a back ache is vast. Maybe you spent too much time sitting or slept in a funny position the night before, and now your muscles are protesting. However, for some people, when they say their back hurts, it is a lot more serious than some leftover soreness. If the pain you are experiencing is severe or debilitating, and it feels as if it is radiating out towards your extremities, you could be suffering from a herniated disc.

A herniated disc describes a medical condition in which a tear has formed in the fibrous, protective ring around a disc in the spine. The tear allows the soft center of the vertebra to push out beyond the fibrous ring. This places pressure on the surrounding spinal nerves, causing pain and sometimes, sciatica. However, disc herniation is treatable without surgery in many cases.

In fact, studies show chiropractic is effective for both lumbar and cervical disc herniation, and we've seen firsthand how helpful chiropractic is for our patients in Estero, FL. Through focused chiropractic adjustments, any pressure or irritation placed on the impinged spinal nerve can be released, so healing can begin. Chiropractic treatment, in combination with massage and exercise rehabilitation, will reduce your pain and set you on the path to a healthy back again. Call Chiropractic Care and Rehab Center today for relief from disc herniation in Estero, FL.

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