Neck Pain Triggers and Therapies in Bonita Springs, FL

Whether subtle or extreme, neck pain has the ability to reduce your quality of life. It can dim your mood, weaken your spirit, and take the luster away from life. That is, unless you make it a point to go to your Bonita Springs, FL chiropractor who is here to help you recover.

Neck Pain Causes

Plenty of problems can contribute to soreness in your neck. Being injured in a car accident can give you whiplash, as can other types of trauma to the cervical spine. Sports injuries can result in neck pain too, leaving you tender and sore.

Bad posture can also contribute to neck pain because the spine isn’t positioned in a way to adequately support your head. This can lead to strained muscles, headaches, and dizziness, which can further decrease your quality of life.

If you carry stress and anxiety in your upper body it can strain the muscles in your neck, leaving you with aches and soreness that extend from your shoulders to the top of your head.

Neck Pain Treatments

Luckily, frequent appointments with your Bonita Springs, FL chiropractor can help minimize all of these causes of neck pain (as well as several others) and get you back to having a pain-free existence. With spinal manipulation, Dr. Green can alleviate the pain that you are feeling and guide you on the route to recovery.

Experiencing chronic neck pain is no way to live. Schedule today with us in Bonita Springs, FL so that you can begin feeling pain-free tomorrow.

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