Common Causes of Back Pain in Estero, FL

Minor problems can lead to major back pain. When a physical condition isn’t corrected, the body starts to break down. Tight muscles can lead to imbalances in the body, poor posture or being overweight can place undue strain on the back, and repetitive strain can lead to tendonititis over time. Aging causes the spinal discs to collapse, making your more susceptible to disc herniation. Sitting or standing for prolonged periods, disc herniation, bony overgrowths, and leg-length discrepancies may also cause sciatica characterized by lower back pain, and radiating symptoms in the legs.

Physical dysfunctions can pressure joints and, over time, stress them to the maximum until they develop inflammation and injury. Pain from this condition is often triggered by a specific activity, like heavy lifting, which is why most people believe they’ve “thrown out” their back in a singular event. In reality, however, it was a long process.

Things to watch for:

Muscle imbalances. We’re born with well-balanced bodies, but rarely do they stay that way. Over time, we tend to favor one side of our bodies, and with repetitive activities, we often create imbalances by working some muscles too much while underutilizing others. Sitting is one way of creating imbalance, but various activities – writing, typing, cleaning, sports – in which we favor one hand over the other can, too. This can lead to a repetitive strain injury. Leg-length discrepancies and poor spinal alignment can also contribute to imbalances in the body.

Lack of muscle use. Unlike other machines, which wear out the more they’re used, the human body grows stronger the more you use it. When you don’t use all of your muscles regularly, the muscles that keep the body balanced wither. That is why a regular exercise routine is important in maintaining good health. Dr. Green is a sports chiropractic physician in Estero, FL who specializes in helping patients attain peak performance and improved athleticism with sports physicals, exercise rehabilitation, and sports injury relief.

Your Estero chiropractor Dr. Green can work with you to identify what's causing your back pain, and develop an individualized treatment plan for lasting relief.

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