5 Tips for Neck Pain Relief

We frequently see patients in our Estero clinic suffering from neck pain, who wonder which natural treatments can provide immediate and long-term relief. Here are five drug-free ways to treat neck pain:

1. Use Hot and Cold Treatments: Neck pain can be relieved with hot and cold treatments. The heat will help to get your blood flowing around the area which can ease tension, loosen up muscles, and help you relax. Applying cold packs alternatively will help with inflammation and pain. Estero chiropractor Dr. Green can answer specific questions about how often you should apply heat or ice.

2. Use a Firm Mattress and a Soft Pillow: One of the best ways to ensure you don’t have to suffer with neck trouble is to take a long look at your mattress and pillow. You’re going to want to sleep on a firm mattress to prevent neck pain and stiffness. At the same time, you'll want a pillow that offers enough flexibility so your neck is not bending awkwardly during sleep.

3. Neck Exercises: Certain exercises can be very beneficial to neck pain. You can try performing small, loose circles to help keep your muscles from getting stiff. You can also relax your head all the way to one side and then repeat to the other side. This will help to elongate your muscles and supply oxygen to areas where it’s needed. Estero chiropractor Dr. Green can teach you additional exercises to enhance flexibility and reduce pain.

4. Massage Therapy in Estero: One of the best ways to minimize neck pain is through the use of massage. While giving yourself a nice neck rub helps, a professional massage therapist will get rid of all the trigger points contributing to your pain. Our Estero massage therapists frequently work with patients overcoming neck pain.

5. Chiropractic Care in Estero: Often times, the best way to get long-term relief is through the use of chiropractic care. Neck pain and other spinal issues can often be resolved with chiropractic adjustments and exercise. Chiropractors can get your spine back into proper alignment so you can begin living a pain-free life.

Call Estero chiropractor Dr. Green for efficient neck pain relief today.

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